Regenerate Australia

Regenerate Australia

Regenerate Australia

Australia is the only developed country listed as a global deforestation hotspot, with an estimated 400,000 to 500,000 hectares of land cleared annually. This means that in the next 10 years, as many as 750 million native animals will die in Australia because of excessive tree-clearing. And this is on top of the 3 billion native animals killed or harmed by the recent bushfires.

Akili is in business to transform everyday products into tools for social and environmental change. We are a small, woman-led local business aiming to have a big, positive impact in Australia and all the developing communities we work with. That is why we decided to partner with WWF to plant a tree every time you buy our handmade products.

Akili partnership with WWF Australia

Akili is thrilled to support WWF in one of the most innovative wildlife and landscape regeneration programs in the country. The aim is to reverse deforestation in the Daintree and other critical Australian regions.

The Daintree is Australia’s largest rainforest and one of the most biodiverse environments on the planet. By acquiring pockets of deforested land and planting trees on them, WWF’s program in the Daintree adds to and joins up areas of surviving rainforest.

Regenerate Australia aims to rehabilitate and restore wildlife and habitats and future-proof Australia against climate disasters

Get involved!

When you purchase any item on our website, WWF will plant a new tree on your behalf. Once your tree is on the ground, we will send you its GPS coordinates, so you can use Google Maps to see exactly where your tree is planted! You will also receive updates on your tree’s health, the wildlife, and the local communities that live around the area. 

Want to know more?

The infographic on your left illustrates all the steps involved in planting trees to regenerate Australia.

WWF is the most reputable environmental organisation in Australia*. They carefully follow each of the steps illustrated to ensure the trees grow and help transform the environment around them. WWF ambitious goal is to save and grow 2 billion trees by 2030. Akili is determined to support them.

When you order from Akili’s website, we will adopt a tree on your behalf. We will also keep you updated regarding its location and progress.

Infographic Credit: Tamara Fogarty @tambles

*AMR Reptrak Charity Reputation Index 2017

To learn more about WWF, please visit their website.

The Project in Photos

Photo Credit: Jasmine Carey

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