Vegan Shoes & Bags

Vegan Shoes & Bags

Insecta is a “made in Brazil” brand created by purposeful women driven to build a more sustainable world. Their objective is to create new shoes using existing or recycled raw materials. They believe that vegan shoes should be beautiful and, at the same time, have a positive social and environmental impact.

“We started out with the idea that shoes could be ethical and also sexy. In 2014 we had the crazy idea to make vegan shoes out of second-hand clothing. The first shoes we made sold out very quickly and gave birth to Insecta. As we grew, we started to make shoes with recycled PET and soles with recycled rubber. Today, we use recycled plastic, recycled cotton, recycled rubber, second-hand clothing and production waste to produce, durable beautiful shoes.

Barbara Mattivy

Co-Founder and CEO

The anatomy of an Insecta Shoe

After 7 years of existence, Insecta has recycled:

Important to mention that during its existence Insecta has not exploited any animals. All shoes are vegan.

Vegan & Recycled Raw Materials

Insecta makes monochromatic vegan shoes with a super resistant mix of recycled cotton and fabric made from recycled PET bottles.

Part of the collection is made from second-hand clothing. Insecta produces only 5 to 6 pairs of vegan shoes per piece of clothing. This makes each pair super exclusive and unique. Insecta produced its first pair of shoes using this method.

Insecta handcrafts its printed shoes with fabric made out of recycled PET bottles. The prints are exclusively created and digitally printed on the fabric – this is the most environmentally friendly printing method.

400 billion square meters of fabric go to waste every year. It is with this in mind that Insecta collects these fabrics and transforms them into brand new pairs of vegan shoes

Insecta makes the outer sole with recycled rubber and the inner sole with a combination of recycled production waste and old, discarded shoes.

Insecta’s shoeboxes are not only recycled but are also recyclable. In addition to that, the design of the box encourages you to creatively re-use your box straight away! See a few ideas below! – As we always say, nothing is a waste until you decide to throw it away!

Reuse, repurpose, recycle!

Insecta is a Certified B Corporation. Click here to know more!

Products by Insecta

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Vegan Shoes & Bags

Insecta is a “made in Brazil” brand created by purposeful women driven to build a more sustainable world. Their objective is to create new shoes

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