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Handwoven Basket Bag | Kitenge | Extra-Large

Product Details: 

  • Materials: Handwoven Milulu Reed Grass and ethically sourced leather and kitenge (traditional East African fabric)
  • Size:
    • 50cm Length x 30 cm Width x 30 cm depth
  • Heat & Water-Resistant
  • Lightweight & Breathable
  • Flexible & Long-Lasting
  • Easy to Wipe Clean
  • Ethically handmade with sustainable materials
  • Perfect as a Heavy-Duty Market Bag or a Carry-All, Sustainable Beach Bag

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These Extra-Large Basket Bags are skillfully handwoven with reed grass in the highlands of Iringa, Southern Tanzania. Readily available for you here in Australia. Breathable, long-lasting and ethically produced. Perfect as a beautifully natural and heavy-duty market bag or a practical carry-all, sustainable beach bag.

This Straw Tote Bag is nothing short of extraordinary.  Each piece takes up to 3 weeks for Tanzanian rural women to weave using locally obtained “Milulu Reed Grass” and ancient techniques passed down from generation to generation. The leather handles are decorated with Kitenge, a traditional East African fabric, generally colourful and made with 100% pure cotton.

Even more importantly, these baskets bags also provide a reliable source of income to rural Tanzanian women in regions stricken by poverty. With each straw tote bag, you will receive a tag introducing the artisan who carefully made it for you.

100% Handwoven Milulu Grass

Milulu Reed Grass is a long-lasting, heavy-duty natural fibre:

  • To reshape the bag, simply get it wet and reshape. Then let it air-dry completely.
  • For cleaning, wipe it with a damp, clean cloth.


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Dimensions 51 × 35 × 40 cm
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